Marketing & Sales Management

Program Focus

The Marketing and Sales Management program is designed to prepare men and women for mid-management or management careers in business to business sales, merchandising, retailing, retail sales, sales representation, advertising, wholesaling, customer service occupations, and small business management, as well as owning and operating their own business. Marketing students are provided with numerous experiences directly related to the competitive business world. During the school year, the student has an opportunity to participate in marketing club activities. These activities are comparable to business organizations such as Lions, Kiwanis, Jaycees, BPW, or Chamber of Commerce.

Upon successful completion of four full time semesters in the classroom, students are required to fulfill a full time internship for a period of approximately eight weeks. The students are under the direction of a training sponsor in an affiliating business firm. The training sponsor is an experienced professional who instructs the student on the practical aspects of the business operation. Overall supervision and guidance of interns is conducted by the marketing and sales management coordinator. Students have an opportunity to complete their internship in any community they wish, preferably in Minnesota.


Marketing and Sales Management students would find it beneficial to have life or work experiences working with people. In addition, high school courses in marketing and business subjects would be helpful but are not required. A prospective enrollee in this program should like to work with people and have a desire for interesting and challenging work with responsibility.