Every business and every industry needs someone to market and sell their goods and services. Marketing and Sales is an exciting and progressive career with unlimited opportunities. Our program at Alexandria Technical & Community College prepares you for a satisfying and challenging job in sales, customer service, marketing, business to business sales, or business management.

Be work ready when you graduate

100% Employment
100% employment for graduates in this program who looked for a career in their related field for the last 11 years. (2006 - 2016)

Our philosophy at ATCC is to teach you the skills and then give you an opportunity to apply it in real-life simulations or situations. You will:

  • Create a complete business plan for a start up business that you could actually take to a bank to secure financing
  • Craft a retail store layout and merchandise plan
  • Budget, schedule, and create an advertising campaign for a product or business
  • Sell in multiple selling situations including to a real business buyer
  • Work with an area business in a consulting role to create a marketing plan and promotion pieces
  • Develop a territory plan for a business to business sales territory
  • Job shadow with business to business sales reps
  • Attend several business conferences
  • Earn on the job experience with the company of your choice through an internship

The flexibility to fit your needs

Whether you want to go to school full-time or part-time, we can create a schedule that works for you. The majority of our classes are offered at multiple times or in multiple semesters. Courses are also available online. So, you can complete your degree in two years or in four years, depending on what is right for you.

Make connections

Landing your dream job takes hard work in school and making the right connections. Here at ATCC, we help you build those connections through networking opportunities such as field trips, conferences, guest speakers, and job shadowing. You will also be encourage to join Collegiate DECA, a student organization for marketing students that opens up opportunities for you not only in MN, but internationally.