Skilled machinists are the heart of America's basic industries — machine tool, national defense, computers, medical, aerospace, etc. Skilled workers are vital to the success of these industries. The machine tool industry has become a high technology industry with a need for individuals skilled in not only the basics but in the use of CNC machines. Critical to national interest, the machine tool craftsperson and industry are increasing in demand. Graduates can expect to enter the trade as apprentice machinists, inspectors, CNC programmers, and/or operators, production machinists, set-up persons, and other related jobs. Many skilled machinists elect to branch out and start their own businesses.


Industry demand for skilled craftspeople is high and opportunities for graduates exist in CNC shops, tool and die businesses, production shops, large manufacturing firms, or wherever machine tools exist.

Possible Job Titles

Inspector, Apprentice, CNC Operator, CNC Programmer, Tool & Die Moldmaker, Diemaker, Tool Designer, Cost Estimator, Shop Manager or General Machinist