Flexibility Abounds In Business Management

The Business Management program offers a variety of options. An associate in applied science degree gives students a well-rounded education to help them land a position in business they’ve been looking for. Students enrolled in this program are looking for careers in management, finance, sales, retail, small business ownership, and a host of other career fields.

Another option for students who already have a technical degree or diploma is to take the Business Management Diploma. A number of students in the program are seeking managerial and business skill sets to run their own automotive or small engine repair shop, work in product sales, etc. The Business Management Diploma helps students with strong technical skills in other areas gain business savvy, leading to small business ownership, management, and sales positions in the technical field of their choice. A third option is the Business Management Certificate. This certificate allows students to take a basic set of business core courses and select electives that help them meet their educational needs. In addition, students can move seamlessly from the certificate to the diploma to the associate degree and beyond.

Double Major

Students in Business Management are exposed to a variety of coursework in marketing, management, accounting, and more. Many students also choose to add another major to complement their general business education. Marketing and Sales Management, Fashion, and Accounting majors are easily added, as these programs share common core courses with the Business Management program. Earn another degree in as little as one additional semester (in many cases, transfer students can get this done even sooner).

Employment Opportunity

Graduates have a broad array of career options. They have gained employment in sales, management, business ownership, supervisory positions, financial services, and more. Many students come from family-owned businesses, receive their education, and then go back to manage and eventually take over these businesses. Plus, there are options for students to continue their education.