6.4 Facility Use

Policy Purpose

This policy and associated procedures promote the effective utilization of college facilities in order to meet the educational needs of the State of Minnesota consistent with Minnesota Statutes.

  1. Minnesota Statute, Section 43A38, Subdivision 4, use of state property; an employee shall not use or allow the use of state time, supplies or state-owned or leased property and equipment for the employee's private interests or any other use not in the interest of the state, except as provided by law.
  2. These procedures establish that the uses of Alexandria Technical and Community College's facilities are for support of the instruction, student-related activities, and community development through programs offered by public agencies, not-for-profit organizations, and civic groups.

Usage Procedure

Prior to using the college facilities, every non-college group/organization and individual must complete a Facility Use Agreement by emailing hopes@alextech.edu.

Send the completed Facility Use Agreement to the Customized Training Center at Alexandria Technical and Community College via mail (1601 Jefferson Street, Alexandria, MN 56308), fax (320-762-4634), or e-mail (hopes@alextech.edu).

The person signing the Facility Use Agreement is responsible for the group's observance of all policies and fees assessed for the event.

Whenever possible, facility usage should be scheduled at least ten days prior to the activity, but not to exceed one semester in advance. Facility use is dependent upon room and staff availability.


The group/organizations/individuals using the college facilities agree to abide by the non-discrimination and the sexual harassment and sexual violence policies.

The college is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Alexandria Technical and Community College is tobacco-free, except in designated areas. Alcoholic beverages, liquor or controlled substances will not be permitted.

If personal/business computer/equipment is brought to the campus, please contact our technical support for compatibility and usability 48 hours prior to the event.

In event of damage to college's property, the applicant shall pay all appropriate repair costs. Any loss, breakage, or need of repair of facilities or equipment must be reported to the building maintenance supervisor immediately by the supervisor in charge of the scheduled activity.


All groups/organizations/ individuals using the college facilities must have authorized supervisory personnel on duty, approved by college. Responsible adults must supervise for the entire duration of their usage time and/or until all participants have vacated the premises.

General Maintenance Workers, technical support, administrators, and/or college employees will supervise the facility but not the facility user or its activities.

Groups/organizations/individuals shall assume the cost of supervision for the use of the college beyond regular employee's duty hours. A fee may be charged if a supervising employee is not on regular duty or if the intended use does not permit the employee to complete his/her regular assigned duties.

A college employee must be on duty whenever building facilities are in use.


All accidents occurring while using the college facilities must be reported to the building supervisor or custodian on duty.


The group/organization/individual agrees to protect, indemnify and hold harmless the college and employees from any and all claims, liabilities, damages or rights of action, direct or indirectly, growing out of the use of the premises.

The group/organization/individual will indemnify the college for all damage to the school or property occurring during the scheduled activity by persons participating or in attendance.


Any group/organization/ individual, which is not considered part of the college that anticipates using Minnesota State facilities, may have to provide necessary liability insurance to protect participants and spectators involved in the activity. Those required to provide liability insurance will be determined by the President (or designee) prior to the event. (Supplemental insurance information and rates available upon request.

Catered Meals/Refreshments

Catered meals and/or refreshments can be provided by contacting Lancer Hospitality at Alexandria@lancercatering.com or 320-762-4432. Prior permission/consent from Lancer is recommended before any food or beverage is brought on the property.

Inclement Weather

On days when the college is closed due to weather conditions or campus building site illuminated (i.e. water, heat, electrical), the decision on cancellation or postponement of the college's co-curricular events and all other events scheduled, will be made by the President.


The group/organization/individual shall notify the college of any cancellations of previously scheduled facilities at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled use. In case of failure to do so, the college may charge for expenses incurred in preparation for use of the facility requested.

Directions/Building Maps

Directions to the college and available building maps are available.


A billing statement will be sent at the conclusion of each month. Fees are due within 30 days of the billing. A late charge of $15 will be assessed if a bill is overdue.

Approved by: ATCC Leadership Council
Effective Date: 9/17/12
Last Date Revised: 8/23/12