6.6.2 Bomb Threat Procedures

Any staff member involved in, or aware of, a bomb threat involving Alexandria Technical and Community College must immediately notify the Incident Response Coordinator. The Incident Response Coordinator is responsible for ensuring the following steps are taken to resolve the situation in a safe manner:

Procedures to be followed in the Event of a Bomb Threat at the College

All bomb threats must be considered as legitimate and evacuation steps need to commence immediately unless mitigating circumstances preclude immediate evacuation.

  1. The Incident Response Coordinator (IRC) or administrator in charge will notify the police department and sheriff's office. They will notify the fire department to do the bomb search. Ask police department for assistance with traffic control.
  2. The IRC or administrator in charge will notify the Law Enforcement division chair and have him ask for volunteers from the peace officer licensed faculty. Those individuals will be assigned to observe outside activity to ascertain any unusual activity that might be connected to the threat.
  3. Distribute a phone mail and e-mail message indicating the need to evacuate the building.
  4. Ask everyone to leave the building and premises immediately. (Do not mention that there is a bomb threat. Rather, there is a security violation and we need to evacuate the building immediately. Staff and students do not need to shut off the equipment in their areas. They must get out as quickly as possible.)
  5. Individuals should not stop to use the restroom before leaving the building.
  6. Staff and students should report back to school the following morning. (Depends upon the time the bomb threat was received.)
  7. Notify the administrative assistants of the situation. Have them call the departments/classrooms that may not have received the phone mail or email message, and instructions should be given as listed in #4 - #6 above. The following locations are those that should be called: Cafeteria, Bookstore, Marine, Motorcycles and Powersports, Truck Driving, Office and Information Technology Center, Law Enforcement Center, and Temporary Houses.
  8. Ask the person who received the bomb threat call to give you as much information about the call (i.e., exact time of call, what was said, description of voice--male or female, accent, stutter, etc.) verbally and in writing. Give that information to the authorities.
  9. Once the building is evacuated, electronically lock all the entrance doors.
  10. Place a sign on the entrance doors stating that the building is closed. Let no one in except for the authorities--No press or staff.
  11. If someone is willing to remain in the building, have that person continue answering incoming calls. They should pay close attention to any "strange calls" and get exact time of the call in order to attempt any trace.
  12. Decide if classes will be resumed that day--depending upon the time of the threat. Decide if the classes/activities held at the college that evening should be canceled. If they are canceled, notify the local radio and TV stations in order to inform the public.
  13. Do not give the press any information. Direct them to the president, the IRC, or the administrator in charge.
Approved by: ATCC Leadership Council
Effective Date: 7/25/06
Last Date Revised: 5/19/06