2.14.3 Student Accident Insurance

All registered students, carrying one credit or more and taking classes on campus, are covered by a mandatory student accident insurance policy. Alexandria Technical and Community College is participating in an accident insurance policy that will provide benefits for accidental bodily injury incurred while:

  1. Attending regular school sessions,
  2. Participating in school-sponsored and supervised extracurricular activities which are exclusively sponsored by the school (excluding club, intramural, and intercollegiate sports).

This plan covers only medical expenses that are not payable by other insurance. Therefore, you must first file a claim with your primary family insurance coverage.

Claims Procedure

In the event of a compensable accident, contact the Safety Coordinator at Alexandria Technical and Community College to complete the insurance claim forms for the student accident insurance coverage.

Approved by: ATCC Leadership Council
Effective Date: 8/03/11
Last Date Revised: 7/08/11