2.14.2 Health Insurance

Students are encouraged to carry health and accident insurance while attending college. A health insurance plan is available to Minnesota students through MNSURE. This insurance is made available to assist those Minnesota students not covered under family and/or employer plans. Some courses and/or activities may require health and/or liability insurance.

All international students and visiting scholars engaged in educational activities are required to purchase the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities international student accident and illness insurance plan unless they can provide written verification that their government or sponsoring agency accepts full responsibility for any medical claims that might occur.

IMPORTANT: All students are advised to carry an insurance card with them to provide necessary information to medical providers, whether covered under parents' insurance or on their own. Students may be required to obtain pre-approval from your insurance company if you seek medical care outside their designated provider.

Approved by: ATCC Leadership Council
Effective Date: 6/09/14
Last Date Revised: 5/29/14