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Our mission at the Customized Training Center is to provide our customers with opportunities to gain the knowledge and skills to optimize manufacturing processes and procedures.

Automation & Manufacturing Contract Training

Automation & Manufacturing Contrct Training Alexandria Technical & Community College will act as your "portal" to manufacturing/industrial training. Here at ATCC we take pride in our ability to provide you with a training program tailored to the specific needs of your business. Our mission is to develop your employees, preparing them to be effective and efficient contributors of your workforce. Read more


Industrial Automation Automating processes allows businesses to control systems and operations with increased repeatability and decreased time, which eliminates waste, increases worker satisfaction, improves quality, and increases the bottom line. The Customized Training Center can help your workforce with the training they need to understand the multitude of strategies, platforms, and approaches to automating.

CNC Machining These courses are designed to take the learner through the concepts and technologies necessary to operate and setup most types of CNC equipment. Hands on activities along with lecture based learning will provide the learner with the skills needed to advance into CNC setup and programming. The learner will also have the opportunity to demonstrate their skills on actual CNC monitor simulators providing the ultimate in "real world" CNC based learning.

Manufacturing Technologies is our way of describing the many different disciplines found in today’s most profitable and advanced manufacturing facilities. From foundational pieces such as print reading, metrology, and basic quality concepts, to continuous improvement approaches such as Lean, Six Sigma, SPC, and QRM, you will find the training and implementation mentorship solution you are searching for at The Customized Training Center.

Robotics The importance of robotics in American manufacturing is at an all-time high. Industrial robots increase quality, improve efficiencies, increase worker safety, and give your business a competitive advantage. A workforce trained to work with robots is a necessity, and the Customized Training Center can help.

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