IT Department

The IT Department supports student access to current and emergent computer and information technologies. The IT Department is a computer and technical support operation that:

  • Administers the Laptop Lease program
  • Provides technical support for the laptop lease program
  • Leases program specific items such as calculators and voice transcription machines
  • Disperses ATCC Student ID card
  • Disperse student parking permits
  • Assists students with technology accounts
  • Provides general technical assistance to student

The IT Department does not work on personal laptops or personally owned equipment; however, it does help students setup the wireless network on their personal computers. The IT Department is able to recommend solutions to technology questions students may have.


All currently registered Alexandria Technical & Community College students may lease a laptop computer from ATCC on a semester or weekly basis subject to computer availability. In addition, there are several program areas that currently require students to lease laptops from the college.

New laptop users, who are required to lease a laptop, must register for and attend a 2-hour orientation prior to being issued a laptop. Students receive their laptops during the orientation class.

While providing students with extraordinary, flexible access to a college computer and ensuring uniformity of computers used in the classroom, Alexandria Technical & Community College's Laptop Lease Program offers many advantages:

  • Students are spared most if not all of the software costs
  • Program specific software customized to your major is included
  • Free hardware and software support provided on leased laptops
  • Leased Laptops are uniform and imaged specific to each program
  • Very little to no down time
  • Opportunity to purchase a laptop at a discounted rate
  • Students are not exposed to the financial risk of purchasing a computer
  • The Student Help Desk is unable to fix or repair personally owned laptops

Student Parking Permits

Parking Permits are required for all vehicles parking on-campus and new permits are issued each academic year. Please refer to the Student Parking Permit sheet for lost or stolen permits and information on obtaining a permit or permit waiver.

Please visit 5.20 Parking Policy for complete information on Alexandria Technical & Community College's Parking Policy.