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Account Information

Alexandria Technical & Community College (ATCC) does not mail statements for tuition and fees. Students are responsible for accessing and monitoring their statements by logging into eServices and doing the following:

  1. Select "Bills and Payments" from the left menu
  2. Select Full Account Detail
  3. Print out your individual statement

When changes are made to your schedule, whether you drop or add classes, those changes are reflected on your statement. You should check your statement before you make a final payment. Prior term charges and payments are also reflected on your statement.

If you are also enrolled at another Minnesota State college, you are responsible for paying tuition and fees to that institution. Your ATCC account may or may not reflect what you owe to another Minnesota State college.

Notification will be sent with supporting documentation on these occasions:

  • After aid is applied
  • Warning notice of a late fee
  • When the late fee is applied
  • Collection letter notice

Tuition and Fees


Tuition: $160.53/credit Fees: $19.80/credit
Online Course Tuition: $199.00/credit Fees: $10.35/credit
(online courses cost the same no matter where you live)

Even though ATCC does not have an out-of-state/non-resident tuition rate, individual courses may have different tuition rates.

Please Note: Tuition and fees are determined each year by the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities System Board of Trustees.

Tuition and Fee Due Dates

The first date for Registration Cancellation for Non-payment is fifteen business days prior to the start of the semester. The second date is the fifth day of the semester.

NOTE: Students who are cancelled on the first date may not be able to get back into all of their classes.

The easiest way to comply with these deadlines is to complete an application for financial aid (Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA) as soon as you know you are enrolling at ATCC. You can complete the FAFSA online at Please note that it may take up to seven (7) days before ATCC is notified of your application.

If you absolutely do not intend to complete the FAFSA, you have four other options to prevent registration cancellation. On or prior to the deadline, you must:

  1. Pay in full; OR
  2. Submit a down payment of 15% or pay $300, whichever is less; OR
  3. Enroll in an approved payment plan called NelNet/FACTS; OR
  4. Have a third-party payment authorization on file in the business office such as CEP, Veteran's Administration, employer, etc.

If you are also enrolled at another Minnesota State college, it is your responsibility to know its payment deadlines and policies.

If you complete the FAFSA or meet one of the above criteria (1-4), your registration will not be cancelled by the college. If you register for classes and decide not to attend, it is your responsibility to go to the eServices site and drop your classes no later than midnight on the fifth school day of the semester. If you do not drop your classes by the fifth school day in eServices, you are responsible for any outstanding balance.

If you are expecting financial aid and do not plan to attend, it is very important that you cancel your classes so that the financial aid is also cancelled.

You may view the complete registration cancellation policy located in the Student Handbook.

Late Payment Fee

To avoid being assessed a late payment fee of $50.00, all tuition and fees must be paid in full by the 25th business day of each semester.

If tuition and fees are not paid in full by the 30th business day of each semester, a registration hold will be placed on your account to prevent you from registering for any future semester(s).

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